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In a post-IDFA world, why is user retention even more important?

Watch our webinar with Singular to learn why user retention is even more important after the release of iOS 14.


With the release of iOS 14.6 to the general public, marketers are eager to unpack the data and measure its effect on their retargeting strategies. We teamed up with marketing experts from Upptic and Singular to share insights about current retargeting trends, the importance of having a retention strategy in a post-IDFA world, and what tools marketers can leverage to make the most of their user retention efforts post-IDFA.

Join performance marketing experts Warren Woodward (Chief Growth Officer and Co-founder @ Upptic), Ron Konigsburg (Chief Growth Officer @ Singular) and Alexei Chemenda (CRO and Managing Director US @ Adikteev) for a webinar on demand. We covered:

  • The latest iOS 14.5 / 14.6 data
  • Retention tactics for app marketers
  • Predictive Analytics for re-engagement
  • Engaging high LTV users with cross-promotion

Watch here now!

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