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Web3 app growth mindset with Upptic’s Co-Founder & CGO

We had the immense pleasure of meeting Upptic’s Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer, Warren Woodward. With more than a decade of experience in UA and growth marketing, Warren enlightens us on some of the approaches he has learned in our ever-changing mobile app industry. He tells the story of Upptic, today’s challenging times with SKAN at play, and what strategies work best for web3 apps. 


What you’ll learn:

  • Growth strategies for web3 apps

  • How Upptic helps games grow

  • Facing the challenges of SKAN


Watch the video here:


Web3 apps and how to grow them

“A lot of teams waste money on paid advertising way too early in the product’s lifecycle,” admits Warren. He recommends cost-effective alternatives like influencer marketing before jumping into paid ads to target web3 native users. Eventually, when the game is more mature and accessible, traditional growth marketing channels and paid ads can be activated. 


How Upptic helps games grow

Based on the three pillars of growth — UA, creatives, and analytics — Upptic was developed by experts as a cost-efficient solution for companies that can’t build their own growth marketing system. Upptic primarily does two things: providing cross-disciplinary services for UA, creatives and analytics, and leveraging their own software, the Upptic platform, with all the essential tools needed for app growth. “This approach is really cost-effective for the partners we work with because you can get all the expertise, all these seasoned people, and you’re just using a slice of everyone’s time rather than hoping you can hire a couple of unicorns to do everything,” says Warren.


Growth mindset and how to brave SKAN

Despite today’s challenging times, Warren remains steadfast and optimistic. In fact, when asked about the impacts of SKAN, Warren insists that not a lot has changed and that there are ways to work around it. “Chaos always breeds opportunity. We’re actually finding this is a really great time for performance marketing,” Warren shares. 


Master app growth & tackle SKAN with Upptic!