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The Future of App Retargeting: How to increase LTV in a post-iOS 14 world

We chatted with Business of Apps and Product Madness to discuss the future of app retargeting and how to increase user LTV post-IDFA.

In the wake of iOS 14, what does the future hold for app retargeting? We sat down with experts

  • Alexei Chemenda, MD & CRO USA at Adikteev
  • Krisztina Simon, Growth Marketing Lead at Product Madness
  • James Cooper, Director, Business of Apps

to discuss how Product Madness, a leading casino gaming app publisher, is coping with the impact of IDFA on app retargeting.

One takeaway: the future lies in cross-promotion

Krisztina shared with us that Product Madness is focusing on cross-promotion to continue engaging their users. For her, the future of app retargeting is likely to involve engaging in cross-promotion strategies to leverage high value users across an app portfolio.

When engaging in cross-promotion, the data science team at Product Madness determines a churn score to find out which users are likely to leave their app and when in order to engage them with a new one. This allows publishers to maintain a high-value app audience and reduce churn by re-engaging users within their own portfolio.

All app retargeting strategies are measured by cost per re-engagement and incrementality. The goal is to get an accurate measure of how effective their re-engagement campaigns have been. It’s essential for publishers to find the right moment to begin running incrementality, which Adikteev can help with.

Alexei revealed that 78% of our clients that run multiple apps have added cross-promotion to their OKRs. One year ago, this wouldn’t have been the case. With changes to iOS, it’s clear that app publishers are branching out into new territories in app retargeting. We believe it’s essential for marketers to start considering cross-promotion as changes to iOS become more and more entrenched.

In case you missed it, watch the full webinar here to get all the insights!

Big thanks to James Cooper and Krisztina Simon for chatting with us!

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