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Proven marketing initiatives for trading apps to keep users active and engaged

Our Sales Team Lead, Nadya Krytsyna, sat down with trading app IQ Option at APS Berlin to chat about specific use cases for retargeting with trading apps. We dive into some of the most effective strategies for trading apps, and why re-engagement is essential for trading app success.

The particularities of app marketing for trading apps

There are a number of specific needs that differentiate trading apps from other verticals. Our webinar guides app marketers through the requirements for trading apps, and how they can make the most of their retargeting campaigns.

Learn more about:

  • Creating the perfect balance between UA and retargeting initiatives 
  • Testing channels and strategies to find the best approach for each app
  • Upsell strategies and how to use retargeting to trigger a first-time deposit
  • Successful approaches to creative work to overcome user ad blindness and boost retargeting performance
  • How both negative and positive iROAS can reveal important insights about strategy

 Watch the full webinar here to get all the insights!