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How did IQ Option exceed revenue KPIs by 24%?

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Our collaboration with Adikteev has been a huge success thanks to their concern for our goals and our budget. Also thanks to their expertise, we’ve managed to increase in-app deposits and boost ROAS beyond expectations.
Kate Varadinova / Head of Mobile Mediabuying @ IQ Option


Trading platform IQ Option was founded in 2013 and now has over 7 million active users. Their platform offers analysis, price alerts, and risk management advice to stockholders, giving them the best chance possible to capitalize on their investments. IQ Option processes over 21,000 trades per day and serves 213 countries across the globe.





IQ Option wanted to encourage new users to make their first deposit, and get lapsed purchasers to continue making deposits.Adikteev initially started out with an activate campaign. We targeted users who hadn’t yet made a purchase with custom creatives encouraging them to do so. Over time, we added a retain campaign.

Our analysis found that lapsed users who had once made in-app deposits were a highly valuable user segment for IQ Option. We began targeting lapsed purchasers to encourage them to return to their previous habits of making deposits in the app. While we noticed that our retain campaign led to the highest boost inROAS, both campaigns simultaneously brought a significant impact on retention and in-app conversions.


See the results