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The ones that get away: Retargeting your lapsed mobile games players

We chatted with Stephen Seigel of Scopely, John Speakmen of Gamesforum, and Adikteev's VP of Operations Kate Lovejoy to get more insights about retargeting lapsed players on mobile games.


In case you missed it, watch our Gamesforum webinar all about app retargeting. Learn how to target your lapsed players with Stephen Seigel of Scopely, John Speakmen of Gamesforum, and our own VP of Operations Kate Lovejoy. Here are some of the highlights we covered.

What is a lapsed user and why spend on retargeting

Kate shared with us that while only 15% of apps are spending on app retargeting, within that 15% are the world’s top grossing apps. These apps are investing heavily in app retargeting, resulting in higher ARPU and 60% higher retention rates.

In addition, we broke down what exactly is a lapsed user. Many clients come to Adikteev with an idea of what “lapsed user” means, but defining a lapsed user is never a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s essential that app publishers understand the entire user journey in order to determine the optimal moment to begin a re-engagement campaign. The average time between last session and uninstall is six days, but publishers must analyze any pain points within their app to see when in the user journey a user is likely to churn. Organic information about the percentage of users who typically leave a given app and the percentage of users who return is essential before starting an app retargeting campaign.

In this webinar, we also covered:

  • What to consider before starting an app retargeting campaign
  • How to run effective retargeting, covering personalization and do’s and don’ts
  • Retargeting in a post-iOS 14 landscape and moving toward Android: What to expect from the Android market
  • How to and why measure the success of retargeting using incrementality

Get all the insights to help improve your app retargeting strategies and drive app growth. Watch here:

Thanks to Stephen and John for chatting with us!

Check out our resources to learn more about how you can use retargeting to grow your business and re-engage your users!