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Adikteev’s Integration With Segment: Enabling Stronger App Retargeting Performance

March 4, 2019
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AsUser Acquisition costs continue to rise and marketers look for new ways to drive engagement and user loyalty in their apps, app retargeting has become more widely adopted. According to a recent report from AppsFlyer, 20% of apps have now increased their retargeting spend at the expense of UA.

App retargeting allows marketers to send relevant messages to their users while they are using other mobile apps to encourage them to come back and engage with the app or complete a purchase. But in order to deliver relevant ads that engage users, marketers require access to rich in-app data and flexibility to test new partners.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest integration with Segment!

Segment makes it easier for developers to integrate APIs from multiple analytics providers into their applications. Using Segment, companies can collect, unify and connect their first-party data to over 200 marketing, analytics and data warehouse tools.

Ease of Use

Being able to offer a great mobile experience starts with a deep understanding of the people who use your app and how they interact with it. With Segment, you can automatically track essential user actions such as App Installed, App Opened, Screen Viewed, and Order Completed, letting you measure key mobile metrics without instrumenting any tracking code.

Test New Partners Easily

There are a number of retargeting partners on the market, all with varying degrees of expertise and feature offers for specific verticals. With Segment, marketers can choose from hundreds of partners and send event data instantly, without any development effort. The ease of use will allow you to make more informed decisions and find the right partner for your app’s specific needs.

Access Historical Data

Instead of waiting a month for data to populate into a new service you want to try, with Segment, it can be populated with historical data overnight. By supplying retargeting partners like Adikteev with historical data, we can use this data to build richer user segments based on the previous in-app actions of users. Incorporating historical data sent via Segment allows advertisers to further refine segments and deliver more relevant and engaging ads to each user segment.

Plus, with swift access to historical data, you can kickstart your retargeting campaigns and start re-engaging users from day one, to maximize engagement in your app.

We hope you’ll be able to use Adikteev + Segment to improve your app retargeting initiatives for 2019!

Get Started Now!

If you’re already an Adikteev customer, reach out to your account manager to get started using this integration today, or shoot an email over to

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The app re-engagement platform
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