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Adikteev for brands becomes eMoteev !

Caring about your expectations.

Our vision of performance is quantitative in hitting your KPIs and qualitative by ensuring your end users have a brand positive experience. Our experienced team of account experts will always push to understand your needs better to help you build a lucrative campaign through creativity, design, data, and AI.

Performance should always be measurable and transparent which is why we offer you full access to your campaign data to provide you with the most actionable insights possible.

At Adikteev, performance is not just a result – it’s a philosophy.

Empowering data and creativity.

Our job is to achieve your target by combining artificial intelligence and creativity in order to transform your advertising concepts into integrated, interactive, rich-media and playable mobile campaigns that will be positively remembered and generate amazing results.

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App retargeting.

The ROI Game Changer for App Marketers.

Grow your user base and maximize in-app engagement with our solutions of user acquisition and retargeting. With our unique data science expertise, we’ll create dynamic and relevant user segments to boost your ROI: reacquire lapsed users, improve app usage or increase your average cart. On top of that, our immersive and impactful ads will fortify your relation with your users.

App Retargeting
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