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Who we are

Adikteev is the leading app re-engagement platform and growth enabler for game publishers. We help the world’s top-spending app publishers increase retention, reacquire churned users and drive incremental revenue.


Predictive Analytics

ACQUISITION: Optimize your campaigns by forecasting performances from day 1 by geo and channel

RETENTION: Detect and engage high value installers early in the funnel and retain future churners

CROSS-PROMO: Shift your most valuable users at the end of their journey to other apps in your portfolio


NEW CHANNELS: Boost user acquisition on streaming platforms such as Facebook Instant Games

RETARGETING: Increase revenue with highly personalized retargeting campaigns

CROSS-PROMO: Leverage your own inventory with a smart self-bidding strategy




Our clients


We’ve been very impressed with Adikteev’s transparency, openness and attention to detail. They’ve been extremely responsive to our app’s needs, and their expertise has helped us protect our user acquisition investment and better target our users."

Nick Cullen / User Acquisition Manager
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Adikteev's insights and strategy were tailor-made to fit our app's needs, which has made all the difference when it comes to preventing churn and targeting our audience. We saw great results in our revenue and ROAS, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration."

Helene Queriault, Chief Marketing Officer
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Adikteev has been so thoughtful in defining and executing a strategy that makes sense considering the requirements of a premium fashion e-retailer."

Maximilien Von Weisberg, Senior Traffic Manager

There are many sources for app retargeting but almost all lack methodology and ability to accurately measure uplift. Adikteev's innovation puts them ahead of the pack for performance-driven teams like Nexon."

Warren Woodward, UA Executive Director

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