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Finding the right rewards and incentives for user retention

Gifts and in-app rewards are pivotal for app marketers aiming to boost user retention. But what makes a good reward? How can you find the right gift to keep your users engaged and playing?
Learn the ins and outs of how to craft engaging in-app incentives, and how to find the right users to serve them to.

On-demand Webinar
35 mins


We talked about: 

Pixel art-Check  Analyzing user behavior to identify potential triggers
Pixel art-Check  Developing dynamic rewards systems
Pixel art-Check  Customizing incentives based on user activity 
Pixel art-Check  Testing different gifting strategies to find what works best




Expert Speakers:


Shamanth Rao,
UA expert & Founder
@ RocketShip HQ

Pamela Cassan,
Live Operations & Monetization Consultant
@ Plunge Games

Margot Miller,
Head of Content & Partnerships
@ Adikteev