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What’s the secret to retaining 12% more high-value users?

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Our initial campaign focus was ROAS, but we decided to switch over to measuring incrementality which we feel shows the real value of retargeting. Adikteev made this change possible thanks to their versatility and custom approach. They were able to help us change directions while still maintaining campaign performance.
Krisztina Simon, Retargeting Lead @Product Madness


Product Madness has been developing top social casino titles since 2007. Initially focusing on casual games for Facebook and mobile, they switched gears in 2009 to become one of the most recognized players in social casino gaming. They’re known for their distinct creative style and for their ability to bring slots to life on mobile with titles such as Cashman Casino and Heart of Vegas.

Product Madness started out using a different retargeting partner but decided to consolidate their DSP retargeting efforts in Adikteev thanks to our performance and expertise. We helped develop a robust strategy to re-engage Product Madness’ audience and increase revenue.




Our partnership with Product Madness began with a retention campaign. For their title Heart Of Vegas, the goal was to boost user retention and revenue by targeting lapsed payers. Adikteev is known for a highly personalized approach to retargeting. We have built custom scoring algorithms from scratch to predict behaviors ofProduct Madness’ users leading to outstanding results. We focus on each user separately: bid prices are directed at the user level, not segments, sending ads directly to these highly refined audiences. Our Dynamic Creative Optimization allows Product Madness’ campaigns to be personalized at the user level as well, making ads as custom as possible.

Initially, Product Madness was interested in measuring ROAS. Our main KPI was ROAS day 7. However, after finding success with ROAS, they turned to incrementality to validate their strategies and look for revenue and DAU uplift. Our retargeting campaigns drove an additional 12%of churned payers to remain active on Day 14.


See the results