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How Once got Engaged with ‘Slow Dating’ and Smart Retargeting

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A Match Made in Heaven: How Once got Engaged with 'Slow Dating' and Smart Retargeting.


Launched in October 2015, Once is a dating app that promises a focus on quality over quantity. Instead of mindlessly swiping through countless profiles each day, Once employs ‘slow dating’ to introduce each user to only one person, per day. The person you see on your screen also sees you on their screen, and if you both like each other, you start a conversation and see where it leads. If not, you wait until the next day to meet someone new.






Like many dating apps, Once monetizes with in-app purchases and by offering a VIP subscription service to users who are serious about finding ‘The One’. After finding success building their user base across Europe, Once began to expand to new markets including The UK & US. Since new user acquisition campaigns can be expensive and difficult to scale in new cities, Once wanted to ensure they made the most of their UA spend by running a retargeting campaign to encourage users to register after installing the app.



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