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How OctaFX kept CPA low and ROAS high?

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“Adikteev’s granular strategies for trading apps have helped us get a clearer sense of our audience and find the segments that bring highest incremental value. Their ability to balance maximizing our ROAS with getting the lowest CPA possible has made a big difference in our user retention particularly in the APAC market.”
OctaFX CPA Team


Forex trading app OctaFX was named the Best Mobile Trading platform in 2022 by FX Daily Info, and the Best Forex Broker in Asia in 2021 by the Global Banking and Finance Review. They wanted to take their retargeting efforts to the next level with Adikteev by having the lowest CPA possible while monitoring ROAS data at the same time. For their campaign, their KPI was CPA first deposit, and with our strategies the price per deposit was consistently lower than their target price.





OctaFX focused on very granular campaigns in the APAC region with their segments:

- No FTD: users who installed and registered in the app but haven’t yet made a deposit.

- Lapsed purchasers: Users who did not make a purchase and that are considered lapsed in the app

- Non-registration: These are users who have downloaded the app but not yet made an account.

All of the segments are split based on the number of days of inactivity in the app: 14-29 days and 30+ days.

The goal of this granularity is to understand whether it makes sense to target trading app users more deeply rather than simply splitting them in two groups, for example payers and non-payers. For the moment, there’s quite a significant difference between all of the segments.

Campaigns are run mostly in the APAC region, and 4 new geos were recently added.


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