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How did Upland boost app reopens by 33%?

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Adikteev has helped us scale our campaigns and identify user segments that would be the most relevant to our campaigns. By scaling up, we were able to boost user engagement and increase user LTV across all targets.
Carolina Ocampo / Head of growth marketing @Upland


At the intersection of gaming and the metaverse, you’ll find Upland. The property buying game allows users to purchase virtual properties mapped out from real-life locations.For example, a user in Upland could own the NFT of the Eiffel Tower, which corresponds to its virtual location as a deed of sale.

Founded in 2018 and inspired by a late night game of Monopoly, the idea was to create a virtual world where properties can be bought and sold using in-game currency for NFTs. Now, properties can also be sold for real-world US dollars if players wish to cash out.




When Upland launched their ever green retargeting campaigns, they saw massive improvements in almost all areas: activating new installers, pushing high-intent users to convert, and encouraging payers to make repeat purchases. The biggest factor we attribute to their success is scale in all of these areas. By scaling up, they were able to reach a wider audience for retargeting and continue boosting ARPU.

Another big change for Upland was dynamic cohorts. Once Upland began enabling post backs and were able to create audience segments in real time, their performance improved significantly.


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