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How did LALALAB. increase revenue by 242% with re-engagement?

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Adikteev’s insights and strategy were tailor-made to fit our app’s needs, which has made all the difference when it comes to preventing churn and targeting our audience. We saw great results in our revenue and ROAS, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration.
Helene Queriault / Chief Marketing Officer @LALALAB.


Back in 2012, three friends wanted to revolutionize the world of photo printing. They created LALALAB.: an app that allows users to print photos directly from their smartphones. Beyond just prints, Lalalab users can have their memories turned into posters, magnets, canvases, and calendars-- all at the touch of a button.

LALALAB. had been focused on growing their audience with a diverse array of UA campaigns including social and influencer marketing. Now, they needed a way to retain these users and keep them printing photo after photo.

There were clear spikes of activity and purchases around major holidays such as Christmas and Mother’s Day. But to keep users engaged throughout the year, the team turned to us at Adikteev to help them get creative with their re-engagement strategy.




Segmentation: We segmented LALALAB.’s audience into openers, product viewers, hot prospects and purchasers. We then targeted those users with a combination of rich media, video, and static creatives according to their specific in-app behavior.

Geos: In Q1, we decided to split LALALAB.’s audience into tiers by location. The largest spending users were located in Tier 1, with lower spending users located in Tiers 2 and 3. LALALAB. then allocated the majority of their budget to the user segments in Tier 1.

Creatives: LALALAB. is the top photo printing app in Europe and our in-house studio developed creatives that would play well across a variety of country markets. Our team designed a number of holiday and seasonal creatives to take advantage of potential high traffic periods such as changes in season and regional celebrations like Mardi Gras.

Dynamic Product Ads: Knowing what we know about dynamic product ads, we were excited to roll them out for LALALAB., and they delivered a predictably strong performance: they doubled ROAS from the previous semester and boosted revenue by242%. LALALAB.’s colorful, captivating products were perfect for showing users tailored ads based on location and in-app choices. The personal nature of dynamic product ads also allowed them to blend seamlessly into different cultural and geographic contexts. 

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