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How Adikteev targeted high value users to boost in-app purchases for Game Hive

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We’ve been very impressed with Adikteev’s transparency, openness and attention to detail. They’ve been extremely responsive to our app’s needs, and their expertise has helped us protect our user acquisition investment and better target our users.
Nick Cullen / User Acquisition Manager @Game Hive


Game Hive published their first game, Antrim Escape, to huge acclaim in 2009 and the hits have kept coming ever since. The small team of avid gamers has managed to rack up over200 million downloads worldwide with diverse, versatile titles such as Beat the Boss, Tap Titans and Battle Bouncers.

Tap Titans 2 continues the Tap Titans saga: users play as Sword Master to beat invading titans, collecting coins, new fighters, and even pets along the way. With stunning, hand-drawn graphics, players must tap their screen as many times as they can to fight titans such as Tomaymay, a humanoid tomato, and gain coins.

They can hire new fighters, obtain loyal pets, and even play with and against other users. In-app purchases allow users to buy supplies such as crafting shards, which are used to create equipment, and diamonds that can be used as in app currency for pets, weapons, and everything else the hero might need.




Campaign strategy: When Game Hive brought their re-engagement campaign to Adikteev, we discovered that ROAS were always more significant when we focused on special events. Burst campaigns tailored to holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day were extremely effective and we made them our main focus.

Audience segmentation + Targeting: We determined that lapsed payers were the most likely group to produce high ROAS forGame Hive. Since driving in-app conversions was the main goal for this campaign, it was crucial to target lapsed users with creatives that were hyper relevant for each special event, driving the revenue we needed to achieve such high ROAS.

Creatives + Geos: We developed a number of rich media creatives for Tap Titans 2, many of which were centered around specific holidays such as Halloween. Our initial focus was on the US but eventually we were able to expand into other geos at the end of Q4.

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