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Retargeting for trading apps: Q&A with FBS

Trading apps face some unique challenges when it comes to retargeting. We sat down with our client FBS to get a sense of their strategies for trading apps, and what the future holds for our partnership.



1. What were your retargeting strategies like before starting with Adikteev? What were your specific goals?

Our objectives were to increase the number of purchases, increase the average check and reduce acquisition costs. We also wanted to increase customer LTV.

In addition, we were looking to increase the number of user touches with the brand by connecting new resources. Audience segmentation was also a concern for us, as we wanted to divide the retargeting audience into segments by funnel stages, and refine our user messaging and communication. 

2. Ultimately, what made you choose Adikteev as a retargeting partner? 

Expertise in the field was the first reason we chose Adikteev as a retargeting partner. As a trusted source for retargeting with years of experience in the business, we appreciated the high level of operational support offered and the transparency of their reports.

3. What areas have you seen the most growth or value in your retargeting partnership with Adikteev? 

We’ve had great results scaling our current campaigns, and despite the rollout of iOS 14.5, we’re still seeing good ROAS on iOS. We began testing new creatives in the fall and in the campaign launched in January 2022 showed great results.

Three phones with the same creative shown: first as a banner ad, second as an interstitial and third as a mid-sized ad. The woman in the ad is holding a hand to her head wearing a red sweater with a look of disbelief looking at her phone. A phone showing a Forex app is located next to her. Text: "the only broker with cashback. Get now"

 Also our efforts to open up new geos has been very successful. We’re currently focused on the APAC region in countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines as there are a number of opportunities for growth here for trading apps.

4. Describe some of the results you’ve seen from working with us. Where have you seen improvements and how significant? Can you share your methodology for evaluating ROI?

We are extremely pleased with the results of cooperation. The November 2021 results exceeded all our expectations. One of the products was able to increase the number of deposits and the total revenue from the source by about 4 times.

Our ROI is calculated on the basis of data on deposits from all sources that are accumulated in the CRM, then statistics from Appsflyer are estimated and compiled into a separate dashboard where we can evaluate the total ROI and for each source.

5. As a trading app, what has been your biggest hurdle in terms of marketing? How does your team manage it, and how have our retargeting strategies helped improve outcomes?

One of the main hurdles is getting the word out about our app. We’re constantly looking for new communication strategies in order to reach a wider audience, working with what’s in the news and linking our content to current events in order to maintain a relevant message. For example we’re specifically looking out for economic events in the news and linking our creative message to the market situation.

6. What has been your experience with measuring VTA and how do you suggest trading app marketers manage it?

We’ve found VTA to be a valuable metric that has a profound impact on retargeting performance. Trading apps in particular have difficulty measuring VTA , as internal fraud tools often flag traffic with 60% attribution coming from VTA as fraudulent. Many are also afraid that VTA cannibalizes organic retargeting performance. On our side, we’re working to update our internal tools to accommodate the possibility of VTA as we see it has great potential to give us the full picture of campaign performance. Adikteev’s proprietary algorithms allow us to bid on the best performance, even when it’s coming from views rather than clicks.

6. In terms of our partnership, what are some objectives or challenges you would like us to tackle together in the future? Are there any areas you would like to expand into that we can help with?

We’re interested in measuring incrementality to get a clearer sense of performance, and we’d also like to launch a campaign measuring target return on ad spend (tROAS). 

To sum up

Big thanks to FBS for sharing their thoughts with us on how trading apps can benefit from smart retargeting strategies. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and developing new strategies to help drive incremental revenue for FBS.

Learn more about FBS here!