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How Product Madness predicts future player behavior

During our APS webinar, we discussed how Product Madness uses probabilistic models to predict future user behavior.


Get into the nuts and bolts of predicting mobile game players’ future behavior. During this webinar, leading social casino publisher Product Madness offered us a look behind the curtain at the data science side of user behavior prediction.

The Product Madness Data Science team has developed several probabilistic models that can help to predict future player behavior: churn, first-time deposit and repeated payment. They are integrated into the player lifecycle and inform the Product team about sharing specific offers with individual players, CRM and the development of new features.

Our mobile app experts

  • Alexei Chemenda, MD & CRO USA at Adikteev
  • Marvin Dao, Data Engineer at Product Madness

explain how Product Madness uses probabilistic models to optimise their analysis and why investing in Data Science is essential for gaming apps.

Watch the full webinar here!