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Podcast: The Year of Cross-Promo with Business of Apps

April 11, 2022
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Our Director of Sales, Cameron Thom, sat down with Matej Lančarič to chat about their predictions for cross-promotion in 2022.

The year of cross-promotion is here

Listen now to our podcast with Matej Lančarič hosted by Business of Apps! Cross-promotion is on everyone's mind this year, and Adikteev wants to answer all your burning questions.  Cameron Thom and Matej cover:

  • The basics of cross-promotion
  • All the significant mobile advertising changes game developers can expect in 2022
  • How app marketers can adapt to these changes this year
  • Which mobile game genres are best suited for cross-promotion
  • How cross-promotion will change the relationships between game companies and their players

Tune in to learn more and find out how cross-promotion can help your app! Listen wherever you get your podcasts:

The app re-engagement platform
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