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Predictive analytics & personalization: scaling revenue for ecommerce apps

Get ready to take some notes during this info-packed webinar with Vivino about predictive analytics and personalization for ecommerce apps!


In this in-depth session, our experts Benoit Vialle (Chief Growth Officer, Vivino) and Alexei Chemenda (CRO & Managing Director USA, Adikteev) shared insights about predictive analytics for ecommerce apps and why personalization is so important.

Vivino emphasizes personalization in their offers and ads to unleash the full potential of retargeting. We dove into how Vivino has scaled up their business with a holistic marketing approach and the importance of telling your story to users.

Predictive analytics has played a growing role in Vivino’s business model, and we discussed how Vivino uses predictive analytics to drive marketing decisions. It’s a packed and quick-paced discussion, so buckle up and grab your pen and paper for some furious note taking!

Watch the full webinar!

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