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Adikteev’s interactive dashboard: Q&A with Saïd Khalid, UA Manager @LALALAB.

Adikteev has rolled out a new interactive dashboard that makes it easy to measure retargeting performance. We spoke with LALALAB. to see how it's working for their campaigns.


Adikteev has rolled out a new, interactive dashboard. The dashboard improves upon our previous system and allows clients to access their campaign metrics in real time without having to wait for a report to be generated.

Real-time campaign metrics with our interactive dashboard

With our new dashboard, clients can monitor retargeting performance in real time. Our clients who use our interactive dashboard have access to multiple visualization optionsand filters in order to get the most relevant details for their campaigns. There’s even the possibility to have a custom dashboard developed by the account manager, making the most important metrics readily available.

We reached out to LALALAB., one of our long-time customers, to give us an update on how it’s going.

1. What has been the most useful aspect of our new dashboard?

The biggest advantage of the interactive dashboard is clearly the increase in visibility of our retargeting performance. Indeed, thanks to the dashboard, today we have the possibility to consult our campaign figures in real time with a simple click and in detail. We’ve made considerable gains in reactivity and fluidity for campaign optimization. Before, we were dependent upon reports sent each week by the team at Adikteev.

2. Overall, how has the interactive dashboard been an improvement on our previous system?

To be honest, I would consult the old platform only to analyze the expense data from our retargeting campaigns. Even for this task, it took time to get the information quickly. The new platform improves upon what we’ve observed with the old one. It’s much more intuitive, offers much more data about performance, and is above all much faster than its predecessor.

3. How has the self-serve aspect helped streamline your campaigns?

With the possibility to consult our retargeting performance at any moment during the day, it allows us to optimize more quickly. We’ve put in place detailed views to follow our performance across different metrics (creatives, audience, placement). These detailed visualizations allow us to make very precise optimizations more regularly. Previously, these were done once a month.

Detailed visualization options on our new interactive dashboard

4. One new feature is the ability to customize KPIs and visualizations for your specific app. Can you tell us a little bit about how this feature has been working for you so far?

We work on the ROI objectives for all of our campaigns. With the interactive dashboard, we can analyze the evolution of our ROI for every single cohort over different periods of time. The possibility to customize our KPIs is a big plus because it’s one obstacle we’ve observed with the dashboards of other partners. Also, the opportunity to create our own custom views has helped us add detail to our analyses in just a few clicks. It’s simple to create a view that allows us to see the evolution of campaign performance by day, week, creative or publisher. As we mentioned before, we now have all the data necessary to optimize our performance.

5. Has being able to measure campaign metrics in real time made a difference for you when communicating with Adikteev and evaluating retargeting performance?

This has really improved our discussions with the team at Adikteev. As we said previously, we were dependent on the reporting sent to us by Adikteev to optimize our performance. Now, we have a consistent view of performance that allows us to have discussions with Adikteev several times a week to optimize our performance without losing time on reporting.

Indeed, we participate regularly in analyses and optimizations. Thanks to the interactive dashboard, we’re much more invested in following our retargeting performance. This allows us for more fluidity during our discussions. Above all, it makes them more efficient thanks to this real-time view of performance.

6. Is there any specific feature you'd like to see in this dashboard?

For the moment, we have all the data and functionalities necessary for optimization at our disposal. Perhaps the addition of an automatic email reporting feature could be a plus.