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How to master retention triggers with Ekaterina Gamsriegler

We’ve teamed up with the Mobile User Acquisition Show to bring you this series of Retention Club interviews! 

Shamanth Rao chatted with Ekaterina Gamsriegler, Growth and Marketing Lead at Mimo, about retention triggers, managing seasonality and usage spikes, when and how to use paid retargeting, understanding retention by channel and plenty more.

To boost app retention, a nuanced understanding and application of internal and external triggers are crucial. Listen to the podcast from the Mobile User Acquisition Show


Or watch the full video here: 

The Interplay of Triggers in User Retention

Internal triggers, such as emotions and habits, drive users to use your app, while external triggers, including emails and push notifications, can draw them back. By analyzing usage data, you can identify patterns that inform when to deploy external triggers effectively. For instance, educational apps may see higher usage during weekdays, suggesting a strategic timing for engagement efforts.

Learning from Adjustments in Retention Strategies

It's vital to experiment with different strategies and learn from both successes and failures. An attempt to boost retention through weekly educational tips might not always yield the desired outcomes. These instances offer valuable lessons, highlighting the importance of focusing on strategies that align closely with user engagement patterns, like timely reminders.

Navigating Email and Spam Policy Changes

With evolving email regulations, refining your email communications to only include relevant and valuable content is more important than ever. Embrace a multi-channel approach to retention, incorporating push notifications, in-app messages, and potentially SMS for certain apps. Personalization and relevance in your messaging will help you stand out in a crowded inbox and adhere to stricter spam policies.

Incremental Growth with Paid Retargeting

For paid retargeting campaigns, create user segments based on their app interaction stages and tailor your campaigns accordingly. This approach, alongside timing your retargeting to avoid cannibalizing organic conversions, can enhance your return on ad spend (ROAS) and ensure your campaigns are incremental.

"What we were doing was to first, have multiple segments for a target team. We would have a segment of users who signed up but did not start the trial. Then another segment for those who started the trial, and didn’t make a purchase, etc. For each of the segments, it would be a separate campaign with a separate set of creatives, incentives and discounts. So depending on the drop-off stage and the user journey, we would tailor everything to that." - Ekaterina Gamsriegler

Analyzing Retention by Acquisition Channel

Understanding how different acquisition channels impact user retention is key to optimizing your strategies. Channels like Apple Search Ads or influencer partnerships often exhibit strong retention rates. By continuously analyzing retention data by channel, you can make informed decisions about where to allocate your acquisition budget for maximum impact.

Final Thoughts

Improving app retention requires a strategic blend of understanding user behavior, leveraging appropriate triggers, and constantly refining your approach based on data insights. By focusing on personalization, timing, and channel optimization, you can create a more engaging user experience that encourages long-term loyalty.