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How Gaming Apps are being affected by COVID-19

"With this new reality, everything seems to be turned upside down around the world. But in these difficult times, we’ve noticed some trends across the app universe. We’ll continue sharing them with you over the coming weeks of confinement to develop a better understanding of our ecosystem’s evolution. Today, we’re going to focus on gaming apps." - Emilien Eychenne, Co-founder @Adikteev‍


Gaming apps are getting more attention

No matter where you are in the world, there’s a good chance your weekly screen time report has gone up in recent days. From scrolling through Instagram to tapping away at your favorite phone game, apps of all shapes and sizes have received a lot of attention in the last few weeks.

Gaming in particular has been given a boost. Whether you’re catching onto the hypercasual craze or getting sucked into another world playing a strategy game, many of us are our time with games. Here are some trends we’ve noticed in the world of gaming apps.

Global changes for gaming apps

Globally, we’ve seen weekly organic installs of gaming apps jump 43% since the beginning of Q1. They seem to have tapered off slightly the week of March 23, but they’re still quite a bit higher than those in February.

0%Gaming apps: Weekly organic installs (base 100)

Trends in France

France has seen a 46% increase in gaming app downloads since the week of January 20. Much like with food delivery apps, the biggest disparity in downloads occurred between the week of March 9 and the week of March 23.

0%Gaming apps: Weekly organic installs FRANCE ONLY (base 100)

Trends in the US

Gaming app downloads in the US don’t seem to have jumped quite as high as those in France. However, there was still a significant spike from the week of March 9 to the week of March 23. Overall the number of downloads is still higher than at the beginning of Q1.

0%Gaming apps: Weekly organic installs US ONLY (base 100)

An increase in downloads for gaming apps might seem obvious, but it’ll be interesting to watch the space. For now it seems that downloads are holding strong with everyone staying at home. But considering that under normal circumstances around 80% of new users churn after day 7, gaming app companies will want to consider the benefits of smart re-engagement campaigns immediately post-install. While user acquisition can drive revenue, app re-engagement can increase revenue uplift by an additional 50% according to AppsFlyer, making it a crucial step for app publishers looking to make the most of their UA investment.

Read more about re-engagement strategies for gaming apps with some case studies:

How to throw your own social distancing game night

If isolation is starting to get the better of you, there are several gaming apps that will help you host a game night from afar. The app version of beloved card game UNO allows you to play in two vs. two mode, or play in tournaments. With Scrabble Go, Word Chums, or Words with Friends, you can still squabble over whether or not “OJ” is a word (just from afar). And Mario Kart Tour allows you to race against up to seven people anywhere in the world. Set up a Zoom, Skype or Hangouts meet, open up your beverage of choice, and let the games begin!

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