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Find your power users: Bridget Hall from M&C Saatchi Performance

M&C Saatchi Performance is a global digital media agency specializing in data-driven marketing. They help brands grow their online presence. By working with retargeting companies like Adikteev, they create tailored campaigns that improve retention. We spoke with Bridget Hall, Group Accounts Director at M&C Saatchi Performance and she shared some key insights from her experience helping global brands with user retention.

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In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, finding the right strategies to drive both user acquisition and retention is crucial. Here are some key recommendations for achieving success in mobile app marketing.

Importance of User Retention Beyond Gaming

User retention is critical not only for gaming apps but also for various app categories, including streaming and e-commerce. For these sectors, once a foothold is established, the conversation shifts to profitability. It's essential to dig into the data post-install to fix the "leaky bucket."

Effective Strategies for User Retention

1. Segment User Behavior: Group users into categories based on their frequency of visits or type of in app engagement. With audience segmentation established you can experiment and tailor the messaging to improve retention.

quotation-marks-set-02 In a recent test we grouped users into categories like flybys, loyalists, and passion users. Messaging was key – from basic brand benefits to creative approaches that created FOMO or removed barriers to app usage.quotation-marks-set-01

2. Leverage Data: Access to detailed consumer behavior data is vital. This information can drive more effective retention strategies.

3. Creative Messaging: Shift from basic messaging to creative approaches that resonate with users. Create a sense of urgency or FOMO to encourage app usage.

User Acquisition and Retention: A Symbiotic Relationship

User acquisition and retention are tightly integrated and essential for long-term growth. A balanced budget between acquisition and retention is crucial. Ensure that creative strategies are robust to engage both new and existing users.

quotation-marks-set-02 You need a steady stream of new users to invest in retention and monetization. It's about balancing your budget and ensuring your creative strategies are robust.quotation-marks-set-01


Starting with Retention: Key Recommendations

For marketers experienced in user acquisition but new to retention, it's important to focus on both organic and paid strategies to create app stickiness.

  1. Analyze Post-Install Metrics: Look at post-install metrics to identify high-value users. This can help in customizing retention campaigns.
  2. Use Creative Strategies: Tailor messages to resonate with different user segments. Understanding what power users love about the app can elevate targeting and creative strategies.
  3. Balance Organic and Paid Efforts: Combine organic efforts with paid strategies to remind and incentivize users to return to the app.
quotation-marks-set-02 Make sure to spend your time looking at, whether it's through your MMP or your organic data, what are the post-install metrics that indicate someone is going to be a high-value user? quotation-marks-set-01


E-commerce and User Retention

We worked with a large e-commerce marketplace to improve retention by customizing campaigns to focus on specific user behaviors and spending patterns. Initially, the marketing was broadly geared towards an app install objective. As the brand became more mature, we layered on retention marketing to drive repeat usage around occasion-based purchases. We were intentional about deep linking users to specific categories and products within the app which ultimately increased the average order size.


Implementing these strategies can help in creating a balanced and effective mobile app marketing plan. Keep in mind: 

  • Implement Data-Driven Strategies: Focus on post-install metrics to identify and retain high-value users. Common metrics include DAU/MAU, session length, and retention.
  • Segment and Target Users: Group users into categories (flybys, loyalists, etc.) to tailor messaging effectively.
  • Balance Acquisition and Retention: Maintain a balanced budget and integrate creative strategies for both new and existing users.
  • Use Creative Messaging: Develop compelling messages to create urgency and encourage app usage.
  • Combine Organic and Paid Efforts: Utilize both organic and paid strategies to maximize app stickiness and user engagement. Onboarding needs to be a frictionless experience. Push notifications can work in tandem with paid media to remind users of limited time offers or new app features.
  • Learn from Case Studies: Apply successful retention tactics from similar apps to improve your own strategies.

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