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Churn prediction and beyond: Peggy Anne Salz & Kate Lovejoy

Peggy Anne Salz of MobileGroove interviewed our COO, Kate Lovejoy, on retargeting: what app marketers are missing out on, how churn prediction anticipates common retention pitfalls, and a paramount data-driven approach to address challenging user behavior.


Watch the full video here:

Topics covered:

Adikteev-ok  Where today's app marketers struggle and the approach to solving these issues

Adikteev-ok  Churn prediction: What it means for app marketers and its accuracy

Adikteev-ok  How to look at data and get granular insights

Adikteev-ok  Where retargeting can have the biggest impact


On churn prediction:

Profile picture-Kate 250x250


quotation-marks-set-02 The way most of our clients are running campaigns today is with a rule-based segmentation. They’ll come to us and they’ll say that they want to target users who are 7 days-lapsed. 7 days of inactivity is a good guess for a user who’s probably gone. But what we’re moving to, and what I’m really excited about, is using more predictive methods for defining that audience space. Instead of just saying, “Okay, as soon as it’s been 7 days, let’s get an ad in front of them,” let’s move towards something where we predict the right moment to show an ad to a specific user before they’re gone forever, while you still have a chance to keep them engaged.quotation-marks-set-01

Kate Lovejoy, COO Retargeting @ Adikteev