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Brett Patterson on retargeting strategies, why re-engagement, and Adikteev

Brett Patterson, Director of User Acquisition at Influence Mobile, gives his testimonial on the best performing app retargeting strategies — and why Adikteev is winning the race.


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Why start re-engagement

With over a decade of experience in digital marketing, media buying, online search, and campaign management, Patterson started re-engagement to primarily address lapsed users. 

“You burn through the majority of your total available market and, at the end of the day, cost becomes too expensive. So you have to go through the people you have already acquired and it just made sense to do re-engagement.”

Patterson is currently the director of user acquisition at Influence Mobile, a Seattle-based rewarded gaming platform with high-value mobile gamers. Its flagship app Rewarded Play is a consistent top 10 entertainment app with over 5 million installs to date.

The most successful strategies

Patterson has experimented with different techniques in the past 8 years since he started re-engagement. Previously the director of user acquisition at Big Fish Games, this strategic performance marketing professional has mostly tried them all.

“I’ve done pretty much everything. I’ve tried new user retargeting, lapsed payer retargeting, active payer retargeting — with myriads of different success depending on the overall goals.”

Along with these impressive trials and an innate talent on expanding a client’s ROI, he has learned an abundant amount of indispensable approaches. For Patterson, focusing on lapsed payers is vital in maximizing revenue.

“Lapsed payers are going to be more incremental because they just haven’t been in the app. They hold all the value, they are monetizers, so going after them makes the most financial sense.”

He was a key player at Big Fish Games in scaling EverMerge to a $100 million game — in only 3 months of careful channel optimization and accurate calibration of daily ROAS targets. 

Working with Adikteev

The past couple of years of Patterson working with Adikteev has produced nothing but good performance and positive feedback.

“Adikteev is great. I’ve worked with a lot of different companies. Whenever I want data, whenever I wanted to try something, Adikteev was there to provide it and they went the extra mile when I asked them to. Their technology is great, it achieved everything I wanted it to. Customer support was also just amazing.”

But just what exactly makes Adikteev stand out in today’s highly competitive world? Patterson reveals Adikteev’s secret formula.

“I’ve worked with a lot of DSPs in my career. It’s really the people. Whenever I wanted something, whether it be just pure data or a report or an answer to something, I got it promptly. I got a lot of it which is exactly what I want and it was presented to me in a really readable easy-to-understand fashion.”

Overall, Patterson is a true champion for Adikteev. His strategic insights, analytical but experimental nature, and broad knowledge of the gaming market earned him a well-respected position in this mobile app performance marketing industry. 

“Adikteev is really amazing. From my account manager to the CRO to the COO, they know my name. They’re extremely personable and they go the extra mile for their customer base. I can’t speak enough good things about my experience with Adikteev, and I really would recommend anyone in this space to try Adikteev.”

More on Brett Patterson

Brett Patterson is a Pacific Lutheran University and University of Washington graduate. Aside from his remarkable career in digital and mobile app marketing, he is a skilled photographer with web design expertise. He was a speaker at this year’s MAU Vegas on mobile game retargeting alongside Adikteev’s very own Kate Lovejoy and Jenny Pacheco of GSN Games.