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An Account Coordinator’s perspective on Retargeting

At the intersection of our clients and our app growth engines are Account Coordinators like Narek Ghazaryan. Adikteev ACs strive to assure that customer needs are met and that their campaign performance stays optimal through data and highly valued expertise. Narek briefs us on the best strategies per vertical, why retargeting is an overall smart investment, and how exactly Adikteev charmed this former intern to stay long term.


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What do you do at Adikteev? 

I've been in Adikteev for a little bit over a year and a half. Currently, I'm an Account Coordinator for the EMEA and APAC regions. However, I started off as an Ad Operations  Coordinator Intern. 

Basically, I was finishing my master's degree here in France and I was doing project management in my master's with a side of marketing and advertising. In order to graduate, you need to complete a six month internship. I saw Adikteev’s LinkedIn posted about the job and, a few weeks later, I found myself in the company. I can definitely say that that's been one of the best decisions I've made in my professional life and just generally life altogether.


What’s your daily routine like at work?

As an Account Coordinator, we’re the middlemen between Adikteev and the clients. First, the Sales Team brings in the client. Afterwards, we onboard them, and we talk about the technical stuff— what’s achievable, what can they expect from our campaigns, how we can both come to a mutual place where we're both happy and we're both achieving our objectives. We're the ones who actually get to know the client the most and see what they want, get to know what their professional needs and requests are. We then check on the campaigns, see how everything is going, and if any kind of improvements can be done. We always work to be proactive in terms of recommendations and the things we can improve in our strategies.


What are the main verticals you work with and their best strategies?

At Adikteev, we actually get to work with a lot of verticals. It’s very important to mention the fact that each kind of client is very unique in their users’ behavior. Two apps from the same vertical may not have the same strategy. 

A few verticals that stand out to me and that I've worked with the most are dating/social networking, gaming, trading, e-commerce, and lifestyle and fitness. We're talking about five different verticals. There are going to be quite different strategies.

In terms of social networking or any kind of dating apps, we should always go for people who are rather fresh. For dating apps, users come with a fresh intent— we always try to re-engage them and keep them in the app. However, in this vertical, going after lapsed users, those who haven’t opened the app for some time, can be quite a challenging thing. We should not forget the human factor, that the user may no longer be available to date or they are simply not single anymore.

Targeting and going after lapsed users could be quite profitable in verticals such as gaming, trading, and e-commerce. We are trying to get to users who have possibly done a purchase or a first deposit in the past, and we're trying to bring back these kinds of users since there was a time that they had an intent in the app. They could possibly be still interested— perhaps, they just didn't know that the app has a new update, that maybe there’s a sale, or the app has a new feature that could bring them back and make them more engaged than ever.

Lastly, it could be a seasonal thing for lifestyle and fitness. Starting campaigns in the beginning of the year or two or three months before summer is a good strategy. However, it would also make sense to always have evergreen year-round campaigns. All the advertisers and our clients are actually investing in UA efforts all year round, and they're not only investing in specific months or seasons. Since we're investing in UA, it would only make sense to make it full circle by investing in retargeting as well. The place where UA leaves off users is exactly where retargeting can come, pick them up, and put them on their user journey. Retargeting makes sure that any UA effort is maximized and leveraged to the maximum possibility.


Where should an app marketer new to retargeting start?

We always try to ask the clients what they're looking for. Are they looking to test our retargeting? What can retargeting do for their users? How is the actual possibility of retargeting helping them? This is exactly why in Adikteev, we offer a pre-launch analysis right at the beginning of their journey with Adikteev, where we analyze the user behavior that they have in their app. From there, we make sure that we're giving the best recommendations possible based on their users’ behavior.


What are the challenges you have encountered so far?

Because we work with B2B and not B2C, one of the key points that we actually value at Adikteev is transparency. We share any possible information that can be shared with our clients so that they actually know which SSPs we're investing in more, which publisher is performing the best, or which creative is not doing well and could be cut off. This helps build trust with our clients and to make sure that we are on the same page— to prove that we are here to make the best out of your money and, with your money, make more money for you.


What has your career trajectory taught you so far? 

After I started interning, I realized that I really loved what I was doing. I really love data analysis in terms of clients’ data. However, there was a part of me that was still missing interpersonal communication. That's exactly when I noticed the Account Coordinator position. 

I get to do the best of both worlds where I talk to the clients, I understand them better, and I find out what exactly they want, what would be the best possible point where they would benefit from this partnership. And after having that conversation with clients, I can go and look at the data, see a possible way or come up with a new strategy based on the data analysis that could help the client find the best solution for their problem. 


What makes you happy at Adikteev?

Starting off as an intern in Adikteev was actually my first professional experience in France. I remember it like it was yesterday. I didn't know what to expect. It was my first time working in advertising and retargeting, so I just really didn't know what was coming. A week or two weeks in, I was talking to my mentor and I said that I want to stay and I think I'm going to do everything possible for me to stay in the company. Working at Adikteev, it's something you cannot really describe with words, but it is just a feeling that you get. When you enter Adikteev and when you're there, you just feel so warm. You feel like everyone is there to help you. If you have a question, everyone and possible every personne who has the answer will try to make their effort to answer your question, be there for you, and try to guide you through the journey.