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Adikteev at MAU 2023: Recap and Insights

We left our hearts in Las Vegas! MAU gathered the world’s brightest minds at the MGM Grand for three days of sharing knowledge and insights. Here’s how the Adikteam spent their time in Vegas:



Retargeting and churn prediction with Kate Lovejoy and Peggy Ann Salz

720x425-Kate & Peggy-MAU

Adikteev COO Kate Lovejoy joined the Mobile Groove podcast with Peggy Ann Salz to chat about how Adikteev’s churn prediction models can improve app retargeting campaigns.


How churn prediction can maximize your retargeting ROI

720x425-Churn prediction maximize-MAU (1)

Kate joined Reggie Singh from Adjust to discuss how churn prediction can maximize app retargeting ROI. User retention is essential for sustainable app growth in today's hyper-competitive app marketing landscape. To effectively retain users, marketers must understand and address churn—when customers disengage. 


Retargeting strategies that drive results: unlock your app’s potential 

720x425-Retargeting strategy-MAU

Hanna Dolgonos, Retargeting Manager at Playtika, and Benjamin Burgess, Senior Growth Manager at Life360, shared tips and tricks to effectively re-engage app users, driving measurable results and maximizing success. From personalized messaging to segmentation techniques, they outlined the best retargeting practices to propel app growth to new heights.


What to do when paid marketing isn’t working: Learnings from web3 that every marketer can use

720x425-Paid marketing is not working-MAU

We sat down with Lindsay Aamodt, Head of Marketing at Upland, to chat about how marketers can take a more holistic approach to their strategy by focusing on community, funnel optimization and beyond.


Stay tuned for the full videos of all our MAU events!