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Adikteev is the first DSP to be integrated with Adjust’s Audience Builder

This integration allows for less manual work, better performance, and more technical reliability for Adjust partners.


Adikteev is the first retargeting DSP to be integrated as a standard destination in Adjust’s Audience Builder! Adjust offers the Audience Builder feature in order to create device lists for targeted advertising, in particular to be used as whitelist or blacklist for your app retargeting campaign with Adikteev.

Why we’re excited to be integrated with Adjust’s Audience Builder

In the past, customers using Adjust’s Audience Builder had to send us a download link for each audience. Refreshing those audiences on a daily basis required a custom script from Solution Engineers, and there was a delay when forwarding targeted audiences to our DSP.

Now, publishers using Adikteev and Adjust can simply enter their DSP credentials in Adjust’s dashboard and link their audiences to Adikteev directly from there. Clients’ audiences will show up in our DSP targeting lists with their original name (and a group number if the audience has been split). The audience will always stay in sync with Adjust’s platform without manual intervention from us and without any delay.

Streamline workflow

Get rid of manual audience list extraction by directly connecting Adjust’s Audience Builder to Adikteev’s retargeting DSP. This minimizes the risk of data leakage when handling download links.

Boost campaign performance

Permanently syncing Adjust’s Audience Builder with the Adikteev DSP will ensure the most up-to-date cohorts for the best campaign performance.

Bulletproof reliability

Native integration provides publishers with limitless scalability: millions of users can be transferred in few seconds.

How to connect

three images, 1. showing the button to connect the audience builder, 2. how to select an advertising ID to create an audience, 3. how to link to a partner

If you’re an Adjust partner and you’d like to integrate your campaigns with Adjust’s Audience Builder, get in touch with your dedicated account manager.

To learn more about how Adikteev can help grow your business and fuel app retention, contact us!