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Effective Strategies for App User Funnel Optimization: Insights from Daniel Brewers at YouHodler

When it comes to app marketing, moving users down the conversion funnel is a crucial aspect of achieving success. App marketing expert Daniel Brewers, Head of Acquisition at YouHodler, shared some valuable insights and strategies for optimizing the user funnel. From providing actual value to users to implementing retargeting campaigns, these strategies are designed to drive engagement, boost conversions, and maximize app growth.


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My name is Daniel, and I’m the Head of Acquisition at YouHodler. I’ve been in digital marketing for about 15 years. YouHodler is a FinTech platform created to help you buy, sell, exchange, stake, or trade crypto with ease in one place. I started out my career in Facebook advertising and SEO strategies, then moved on to programmatic advertising about 8 years ago. Three or four years ago I started my new position in the crypto industry. Here are my main tips for app marketers looking to retain their users and optimize their marketing funnel.

  1. Provide value to users:

    It’s essential to ensure that users receive actual value for their time spent on the app. We do this by implementing rewards with loyalty levels, conducting regular lucky draws and competitions, and upgrading users to higher levels. By offering rewards even before users take action, we can boost the conversion ratio

  2. Avoid too much communication:

    Excessive communication can overwhelm or annoy users and cause them to leave. Through our testing, we found that sending more than three or four emails per week for retention purposes tends to bore our users. Striking the right balance in terms of email or push frequency is key to maintaining user engagement for us.

  3. Prove the value of your remarketing:

    Remarketing initiatives like retargeting are essential, but they can be hard to quantify. To persuade stakeholders that retargeting campaigns were valuable for our audience, we conducted A/B tests on different audiences and channels to provide concrete evidence of increased performance and conversions. Showcasing the financial benefits of retargeting made the most compelling case for investing in these campaigns.

  4. Maintain smooth and regular communication between teams

    It’s important to review and improve internal processes and communication. Having isolated teams can lead to stagnation and bottlenecks. We organize seminars (we call them hackathons) where members from different departments collaborate to develop artificial features for our product. It’s proven to be highly effective at unblocking communication issues and streamlining our processes. Because these features are artificial, we can exclude compliance, finance, and legal to focus solely on improving communication between developers, marketers, and designers.

  5. Update messaging and assets consistently

    Just like with email and push, users can get easily bored by the same old messaging and visuals in their creatives. I recommend changing banners consistently and avoiding excessive email communication. A dedicated retargeting partner can help refresh your assets to avoid banner fatigue and keep your users engaged.

Optimizing the app user funnel requires a thoughtful and strategic approach. It’s important to offer users real value when they’re using the app, be intentional about communication with them, and work out internal kinks to streamline communication between teams on a regular basis. Every app is different, and success lies in understanding the needs of your users and implementing strategies that align with their preferences.