Activate, Upsell and Retain your audience

Pre-launch analysis and custom strategy

At Adikteev we care about your budget. Assuming the fact that programmatic is the complementary channel to your social media re-engagement strategy, we start every business relationship with a comprehensive free  pre-launch analysis or a deep audit of your app to define your optimal audience engagement strategy before the first programmatic media dollar is even spent.

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Memorable & immersive custom creatives

The in-house design team is ready to deliver performance-driven, high quality creatives. Our ads are immersive, innovative, memorable, and as always, tailored to fit your app’s specific needs.

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From segment to user-level optimization

Because "lapsed 7 days payers" is just not precise enough to run an efficient campaign, Adikteev takes it one step further to focus on each user separately. Our bid price is directed at users, not segments, sending your ads directly to their intended audience. Dynamic Creative Optimization allows us to optimize campaigns at the user level, making our ads as personal as possible.

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Incrementality pioneer

Adikteev was the first app re-engagement partner in the world to focus on the most important metric: incrementality. We quickly became experts in PSA, Ghost Ads, and ITT, allowing us to offer the most accurate, transparent and verifiable incrementality measurement on the market for all of our clients. Here's our first talk on incrementality measurement from 2017.

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Engaging users
all along the funnel



Trigger first action

Get installers to completetheir first valuable action

Prevent churn

Encourage new users to re-open your app within the first few days post install



Drive incremental revenue

Generate measurable incremental revenue to optimize your app ROI

Boost actions

Increase video views, additional subscriptions, or whatever else your app requires



Restore lost users

Drive churned users to re-open your app

Grow incremental actions

Strengthen user loyalty within the first 7 days post install. Boost your app usage on a daily basis

Our fully transparent incrementality measurement capabilities can show you the actual incremental value of any of these campaigns on your audience.