Technologies empower creativity

Our technologies:
from creation to distribution

Through our proprietary mobile DSP, we are able to display your campaigns on more than 1.9Bn users in the world.


Our DMP aggregates the most relevant data sources and offers you one of the largest targeting engine, for targeting every profile or behavior.


We optimize and industrialize ad creation through an in-house technology that generates a creative in minutes.

Proprietary DSP

We developed our own Demand Side Platform to facilitate the use of proprietary customized algorithms through Real Time Bidding (RTB).

Using this platform, we are able to connect to every Supply-Side Platform (SSP) available on the market and to open new geos in one click in order to answer your needs anywhere in the world.

DMP & Predictive Engine

Our predictive engine is the result of more than 3 years of research and development.

We created our own Data Management Platform which collects over 500 million data points daily and linked it with proprietary machine learning algorithms in order to deliver fully automated performance optimized campaigns.

Some Numbers
users around the world through our proprietary mobile DSP
Data Points collected every day
variables used in our in-house algorithms
Creative Builder

We consider creative as an important part of performance in terms of brand visibility and conversion.

That is why we developed an in-house creative builder backed by the most talented designers to deliver performance driven, high quality creatives in no time to fit our customers’ needs.