Creativity drives engagement

Our conviction

As users complain more and more about intrusive advertising, interactive and playable campaigns are a precious way to create awareness and retention about your brands and products. By enriching the story you want to tell the world with engaging and immersive experiences, you will drive positive emotions to your audience.

Our Studio designs the next generation of creatives

Art Directors
Mobile Developers
Creative Designers

We build immersive ads in minutes

in compliance with

We unleash the power of creativity by optimizing ad creation. Our Creative Builder helps us generate a creative in minutes in order to meet all your needs and objectives.

We optimize performances at every level

By designing the creatives ourselves, we are able to meet all your KPIs  – “ we even create new KPIs and set up higher standards. And this is a learning from long term experiences in the mobile industry: we know that UX drives results at every level.

times more interaction
with our playable ads
CTR uplift
1.5 time higher CTR
with our AI optimizing

We target the most relevant audience

Thanks to our proprietary DMP, we are aggregating several data sources in order to offer you the largest choice and the most relevant targeting.

data points
collected every hour
of audience available

We distribute in the safest context

We distribute your campaigns worldwide and safely through our +1,500 premium publishers or through our proprietary DSP. Our ads are compatible with all measurement and analysis tools. Moreover, our exclusive partnership with ComScore ensures your brand a safe context at every time.

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