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Q&A with Adikteev’s Creative Director, Yunuen Alvarado

When we were told that our Creative Director, Yunuen Alvarado, would be visiting Paris from New York, we couldn’t miss the chance to interview her. This inspiring young professional has been at Adikteev for six years (and counting) — starting as an intern in Paris and now working her way up to Creative Director. We wanted to hear all about her recent promotion and her career growth. Let’s hear it from the creative team leader herself as she shares the secrets behind Adikteev’s client-adored custom creatives.


Watch the video here:

What do you do at Adikteev?

I’ve been working at Adikteev for the past six years. I started working as part of the mobile design team as a junior designer— when Adikteev was still Emoteev and Adikteev. We were still doing branding. I was hired for the New York part of Adikteev. After one year, they transferred me to New York and that’s where I’ve been so far.

What has changed since you’ve become Creative Director?

So, my new title is Creative Director. A lot has changed since they changed my title. Now, I don’t only get to work with the Creative Team in the US, I also get to work with the French team here in France. The change— it’s been a lot: not so much in the tasks that I do on my day-to-day but it’s more about the responsibility. I have to not only worry about the creative requests in the US but also the creative requests in France. And I think it shifted a lot from just designing to making sure that the US team has everything they need to launch the campaigns, but also it’s changing into more of taking care of a team, worrying about the team, and making sure that I’m being a good manager.

What’s a day in the life of the Adikteev Creative Director?

The work of a Creative Director— there is a lot of prioritizing, delegating. We need to make sure that we work on the requests according to the importance of the campaign, the deadline, the launch date. So, there’s a lot of things that we need to take into consideration. And also, make sure that the tasks are being worked by someone who is going to be the best at that. We take all the strong points of each one of our designers and we assign them the best app, the best creative for them.

How do you work with clients on a creative? What do you like about it?

The best part of us working with the clients is that Adikteev makes custom creatives for each one of our clients. There’s not going to be one creative that’s the same as another creative because we take a lot of pride in actually researching the app, making sure that we, the creative that we’re making, caters to the client, to the app, and to the audience that we’re targeting so that we can actually reach the goal of that campaign. We really like to dig deep into what’s going to trigger the right action with the creative.

What are the challenges you have encountered so far, especially with working remotely and managing a team in different time zones?

The biggest one is definitely the time difference. By the time I’m awake in New York, a lot has happened in EMEA. It is important to have a team that knows what they have to do.

What have you learned so far in your almost 7 years working as a designer that has contributed to your growth?

Every time that someone comes into Adikteev, I’ve been part of the onboarding so that contributed to being a better manager because that helps me understand how I can help another person grow, how I can teach them what I do and what they have to do, and how to grow together.

What makes you happy about your job at Adikteev?

There’s a lot of things. I love what I do. I love designing. I love that we work with a lot of different clients. Our days are very different depending on what we’re working on. Besides the work, I love the people that I work with. I like the atmosphere at Adikteev. There’s a very young, innovative atmosphere here that just keeps you creative and keeps you very inspired.