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Retargeting Spotlight on Gaming Apps: Adikteev in Data

January 22, 2021

Take a look at the highlights of our gaming data in Q3!

Adikteev had a productive Q3! We’d like to share our successes from the last quarter and some insights specifically about gaming apps. Our report is compiled from all the data we collected over the course of Q3 from successful campaigns with our clients. As a leader in app re-engagement, we look forward to continuing to boost revenue, drive user retention and grow the businesses of our clients.

Total number of transactions: 6,975,520; Average CTR: 2%; Total Clicks: 23.54 M; Total number of impressions: 1.18 B; ROAS D7 Generated: 70.6%; Total re-engaged users: 14.91M; Total in-app revenue generated: $50.43M

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every industry across the globe, but thankfully we saw pretty positive results in Q3 2020. Overall, we re-engaged nearly 15 million users, and served 1.18 billion impressions.

The majority of spend last quarter was far and away allocated to gaming apps. Within this category, puzzle, casino, card and casual games received the most spend.

Gaming apps in Data: 28% puzzle, 21% word, 19% casual, 16% casino, 16% card

Gaming apps overall

Following the trend we reported on at the beginning of the year, we found that gaming apps saw the biggest boom last quarter out of all other verticals.

# Transactions: 1,180,663 (Betting), 403,163 (Casino), 941,847 (Non-casino), 2,525,673 (total); # transactions with revenue: 1,022,414 (Betting), 304,101 (Casino), 935,785 (Non-casino), 2,62,300 (total); Transaction value: $8,008,868 (Betting), $5,112,720 (Casino), $9,551,633 (Non-casino), $22,673,221 (Total)

Overall, we generated over $22 million in revenue across all categories. Out of our three types of gaming clients, non-casino gaming apps had the highest CTR of 2.33%, followed by casino apps at 1.82%, and betting apps which had 1.4%.

Betting and casino gaming

Throughout the course of Q3, we logged over 1,000,000 transactions for betting apps, and over 400,000 for casino games. The total transaction value for betting apps was over 9 million USD, while for casino games, it was over 6 million.

Other games

For non-casino games, we logged over 900,000 transactions in Q3. Their total value added up to nearly 10 million USD, with an average transaction value of $10.

All in all, we logged over 2 million transactions with revenue for gaming apps in Q3, and generated $22,673,221 in revenue for our gaming clients.

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Margot Miller
Brand Content Manager
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